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About Ideh pardazan Sepehr Caspian Company (Caspian Wood)

From plan to life

Ideh pardazan Sepehr Caspian Company (Caspian Wood) with professional teams in various departments of design, production and execution of wooden buildings in accordance with the latest standards and guidelines of wooden buildings in the United States and Canada has acted professionally in this field. .

The services we provide

Construction of various wooden buildings

Wooden villas

Roof garden and landscaping

Ecotourism projects

Design and construction of wooden house

Accompanying from beginning to end

Steps to build a villa

One of the most important steps for the construction of wooden projects is the visit of the company's experts to the site and this step is necessary to check the location and existing conditions and facilities, the type of plan and also to estimate the possible costs for the construction of the project.

Advice and visit the website

After consultation and visit, if there is a strong will to build a wooden project by the esteemed employers and according to the collection of information and completion of the joinery order list, a contract will be concluded between them.

Contract between

After customizing the plan, the company will provide the relevant plans and views to the esteemed employer.

Present plans and symbols
طراحی نقشه ساخت خانه چوبی | کاسپین وود

After completing the album of drawings (architecture + structure + facilities and designs of production parts), all parts are produced in accordance with the drawings and under the supervision of the company's engineers, and this causes the high quality of construction.

Production of wooden parts and panels

After completing the foundation and all wooden parts and with the coordination of the employer, loading, transportation and unloading will be done at the construction site.

Transportation and installation of wooden parts

After unloading all the parts and materials, the installation teams will install all the parts of the floor, walls and sloping ceilings, etc., and during the execution, the facade and window installation and roofing teams will complete the projects and finally deliver them. Temporary and after confirmation of the desired details by the employer, the final delivery minutes form will be signed between the company and the employer.

Completion steps and temporary delivery
Types of wooden villas

Design and construction of wooden villa

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Caspian Wood Company (construction of wooden houses and villas)

At every step, we can monitor your project, control all the details and consult with the builders.

Build your dream wooden house with expert advice and inspiration. Here’s how to find the best wooden cottage plan for you!

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We are constantly growing, learning and progressing, and our partners are constantly growing. 110 projects is a significant number.

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