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Sepehr Caspian Company (Caspian Wood) with professional teams in various departments of design, production and execution of wooden buildings in accordance with the latest standards and guidelines of wooden buildings in the United States and Canada has acted professionally in this field. .

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What is the area of wooden houses?

There are no restrictions for the design and production of a wooden building and its low dimensions fall into another category.

How many floors can be built?

Wooden houses can be built up to three floors (in special cases can be built up to 6 floors)

What wood is used for construction?

In general, wood is a product of various types of trees and trees that grow in the northern hemisphere of the earth have high mechanical strength and density and can be used to build wooden structures.

For example, pine, oak, cypress and cypress ....

What is the construction and delivery time?

Construction time depends on the type of design and the type of structure and the number of floors

Depending on the facilities and specialized personnel used in the company, time is expected from 120 to 200 working days.

What type of doors and windows are used?

It is installed at the request of the esteemed employer.

What is the cost per square meter of the building?

Depends on the type of design and method of construction and selection of joinery items and ....

Is permanent residence in wooden houses possible?

Due to the use of executive details according to the regulations in different climates, we provide the possibility of permanent residence.

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